There’s nothing like some good ol’ fashioned intimidation tactics. Carl Cockroach may have some fight to him, but Mickie’s gonna make sure that he gets his way, or there will be nothing left of the roach!

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Carl Cockroach: "Detective Potatoes, I ain’t scared of you!"
Mickie Potatoes: "I eat roaches like you for dinner!"

Panel 2:
[Mickie Potatoes grabs Carl Cockroach by the antennae.]
Mickie Potatoes: "Here’s your options bug: 1) You’re going to tell me who hired you; or 2) I’ll eat you. Plain and simple."
Carl Cockroach: "Hmm...that’s a tough one, but I’ll give ‘em up. It was the rats. Steel Toes’ hired me."

Panel 3:
Mickie Potatoes: "Whaddya mean the rats? They weren’t in on the bootleg sugar operation."
Carl Cockroach: "Who said anything ‘bout sugar? They paid me to bug Leo’s office. It’s all in here. How do you think you got your evidence?"
[Carl hands over a manilla envelope to Mickie Potatoes.]