In Tampa, Santo Trafficante Jr. was a quiet family man, but in Miami he was a celebrity. While Trafficante never paid for his dinner or drinks, staff fell over themselves to wait on him hand and foot. “The one thing Santo did was tip. He tipped big time. He did not mind pulling out the roll of hundreds. His favorite saying was, ‘Hey save this, go buy a hotel.’ He would tip like $200 to $300 to the maitre d’ or the cab driver.”

This strip was inspired by an excerpt from true crime author Scott Dietche’s book, The Silent Don:┬áThe Criminal Underworld of Santo Trafficante Jr.

The life and ruthless times of one of America’s most powerful and feared mob bosses. With a criminal empire that stretched from the Gulf Coast throughout the Caribbean, Trafficante was linked to drug trafficking, plots to kill Fidel Castro, and the assassination of JFK.