Introducing, Joseph Morello, the VP of Investment Banking for Shell Corp.’s Clandestine Bank. Mr. Morello is the head banker when it comes to working with high-profile banking and it looks like Darby here, owner of the cops favorite doughnut shop is looking to fill his pockets.

Joseph “The Claw” Morello here was created on behalf of Ryan Lucchesi who backed the Forgotten History Kickstarter and received an animal mobster of his choice. He chose a lobster mobster.

Joseph “The Claw” Morello was based on a real mobster, Giuseppe “the Clutch Hand” Morello. Morello was famous for having a one-fingered deformed right hand that resembled a claw. In the 1890s, Giuseppe founded a gang known as the 107th Street Mob, which would later evolve into the Morello crime family. Today the Morello crime family is known as the Genovese crime family and is the oldest of the Five Families in New York City.

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