Inspired by a real product, bottled air is all the rage in the Asia right now. The Canadian company, Vitality Air, sells it, mainly for novelty value, but in China people believe it has a real functional purpose. It went on sale in China last month and sold out within two weeks. You can read the article for yourself over on

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Jimmy sitting at a booth, selling bottled air.]
Jimmy the Nose: "And that is the beauty behind our bottled air."
Frankie the Force: [whistles]

Panel 2:
Jimmy the Nose: "Why did you pull me out now?!?"
Frankie the Force: "Rocco called. Says he’s got a new task for you. Gotta big name on it or somethin’."

Panel 3:
Jimmy the Nose: "I had ‘em on the ringer! Why couldn’t it wait for five more minutes?!?"
Frankie the Force: "Dunno, but when the big boss calls, it means business. Can’t just say ‘no’ to him now, can we?"