Steel Toes is onto Dino. A cardinal rule of mafia organizations is that you don’t murder your boss without proper authorization from the Agency, looks like Dino’s time is starting to run out.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Vinnie the Mouth: "I suppose I’ve got a few minutes... "
Paul 'Steel Toes' Della: "It’s been a long time, eh Vinnie?"
Vinnie the Mouth: "I suppose..."

Panel 2:
Vinnie the Mouth: "...but I know you didn’t stop me just to chew the fat."
Paul 'Steel Toes' Della: "You’re right, I stopped you to see if you could do me a favor."
Vinnie the Mouth: "Depends on the favor."

Panel 3:
Paul 'Steel Toes' Della: "Well my boys keep disappearing, uncharacteristically, and I think we’re getting catfished by Dino. Can you have someone look into it

for me?"
Vinnie the Mouth: "That I can do."
Paul 'Steel Toes' Della: "I owe you one."