A fitting comic for Black Friday: a money comic! Ever have one of those arguments that when it’s over you can’t tell if you’ve one or lost…no? Guess that’s only me.

Anyways, coming up next week we have a mini story arc starting featuring everyone’s favorite con artist which will set things up for the next full-length chapter starting in the new year. You first saw him in the strip, “Watch Like a Hawk” where he conned Tommy Gunn into buying a hefty bag of counterfeit merchandise. I can guarantee you’ll want to tune into his story-line.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Leadfoot Lucy: "I do NOT pinch pennies."
Jimmy the Nose: "No, you just vice grip them into submission and lock them in small jars in the basement!"

Panel 2:
Leadfoot Lucy: "Exactly, get it right!"
Jimmy the Nose: "I don’t know if I won or lost that one."

Panel 3:
[A sad jar of pennies sits alone in a dark basement.]
Pennies: "Help!"