Re-introducing Jeremiah Worthington Jr., a local up and coming con-artist who’s gotten a new gig. Stay tuned for the next 3 weeks to see who the target is!

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Mickie Potatoes: "Hey buddy, need some help there?"
Jeremiah Worthington Jr.: "No, I'm waiting on a call."
[Mickie points to the payphone next to him.]
Mickie Potatoes: "You do know that one doesn’t work, right?"
Jeremiah Worthington Jr.: "Yup!"

Panel 2:
Jeremiah Worthington Jr.: "Thanks for the heads up. Have a good day!"
Mickie Potatoes: [whispering] "I’d better keep an eye on this one."

Panel 3:
[As night falls a car approaches.]
Jeremiah Worthington Jr.: "This better be worth it, I’ve been out here all day."
Simon 'The Huntsman' Cerbalus: "Don’t worry Jeremiah, I’ll pay handsomely."