Today we meet an old acquaintance of Simon, Ivan Bombus. Ivan has been running the only flower shop in Fairview for as long as anyone can remember. Although Simon and him go back a long way, it’s not all roses between these two. In fact, if Simon had his way, Ivan Bombus would be pushing up daisies by now.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Joe Black stands outside Ivan's Flower shop.]
Joe Black: [thinking] "Ivan Bombus, so, we meet again."
Ivan Bombus: "Don’t just stand idly by Yosef. I know you are standing there."

Panel 2:
Ivan Bombus: "Come inside already. I’ve been expecting you."
Ivan Bombus: "I know why you’ve come, but I’m afraid you’ll just be leaving empty-handed once again. I cannot give up what Simon seeks."

Panel 3:
Joe Black: "You will continue to defy The Huntsman?"
Ivan Bombus: "Indeed, but take some black irises on your way out: for Gina. Those ones were always her favorite."