Today, we meet Joe Black. Joe Black is a Deathstalker scorpion and is the enforcer of The Huntsman’s crew. The deathstalker is regarded as the most dangerous species of scorpion. Think of him as the Frankie the Force of the bug family. Despite his occupation, Joe is quite a cordial bloke who enjoys classical music from the late romantic period and drinking espresso.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Joe Black (a scorpion) rummages through the back of a van.]
*BZZ!* *BZZ!* *BZZ!*
Joe Black: "No, no, no!"
Joe Black: "Bonjour!"

Panel 2:
[Joe Black leans out of the van to a tied up rat.]
Joe Black: "Terribly sorry about that, now where were we?"
Rat: "You were looking for some tool to aid with your venom injection."

Panel 3:
Joe Black: "Right, well, fortunately for you it turns out that I’ve been overbooked. I’m going to have to cut this visit short. See you at the same time next week!"