Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It’s time for a different spin on the phrase Turkey Shoot. As is my Thanksgiving Day tradition, we see another installment of a turkey that eludes the traditional fate often seen on this day.

Today’s special guest stars of the strip (the turkey and the rabbit) are from the strip Pinkerton created by Michael Witmer. After binge-reading Mike’s strip earlier this year and greatly enjoying it, I knew that his gun-toting turkey would make a perfect addition to the usual turkey-day antics that go on around here, so with his permission alas another set of special guests were introduced.

Pinkerton revolves around a group of four animals living in a wildlife preserve. Tucker, the white rabbit, is one of those main characters who is the classic bachelor stereotype when they’ve been divorced three times and is a single father to 47 children. I’m sure you know the type. Tucker loves his women, his booze and his guns. From the mouth of Mike himself, “Pinkerton is like that one drunk friend who never knows when to shut up and thinks their jokes are much funnier than they actually are.” Pinkerton can be found at http://www.pinkertoncomics.com/.

Thanks again Mike for letting me borrow your characters!

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Jimmy the Nose arrives at an empty field.]
Jimmy the Nose: "Well supposedly this is the spot for the Turkey Shoot, but it’s empty... "

Panel 2:
[A wild trigger-happy turkey (from Pinkerton comics) appears!]


Panel 3:
[The turkey faints, while Tucker (from Pinkerton comics) appears from behind a bush.]
Turkey: "Phew, that kinda firepower takes a lot outta ya."
Tucker: "HOLY CHIPMUNK TAILS!!! How’d you escape from the wildlife preserve this time?!?"
Jimmy the Nose: "...and I thought our strip had weirdos!"