Worms, the dogs of the insect underworld. Worms are natural compost processors of the insect world. Why would we expect any different for Simon’s team? Mindless, ever-hungry devourers, these worms will pick a bird clean in a matter of minutes.

On a side note, Joe (the deathstalker scorpion) is a powerful associate of Simon, not just for his intimidation tactics, but also for his deadly venom which is known to contain a powerful mixture of neurotoxins. The deathstalker is regarded as the most dangerous species of scorpion.

Also, this strip marks the end of the introduction to Simon “The Huntsman” Cerbalus and his crew, but the board is set and soon he’ll start making his opening move.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Carl the Cockroach: "I don’t see the need to rush! The twins never get it right!"
Simon 'The Huntsman' Cerbalus: "Oh, ye of little faith!"

Panel 2:
[A bird is tied up in a closet.]
Simon 'The Huntsman' Cerbalus: "You fools! That’s not Floyd Corvus! Release the worms!"
Carl the Cockroach: "Told ya."

Panel 3:
[In the tunnels, Pesto (from the Goodfeathers) stands immobilized in front of worms.]
Pesto: "I CAN’T MOVE!!!"
Simon 'The Huntsman' Cerbalus: "The deathstalker venom is working. I’ll thank Joe later."