It is a cold, dark January night, when John Mendell, 31, and Steve Garcia, 29, both burglars by trade and members of a gang of jewel thieves, creep up to a sprawling ranch-style house in the Chicago suburb of River Forest. The owner, Tony “Big Tuna” Accardo, leader of the Chicago Outfit, is vacationing in Florida, and there is $1 million in jewelry inside—jewelry they believe is rightfully theirs. Messing with the Big Tuna is not a smart move, as the gang soon finds out. Six of them end up dead.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Shadowy Figure 1: "Do you think we ought to risk it, Johnnie? I ain't so sure I want to mess with Big Tuna."
Shadowy Figure 2: "Clam it, kid. It's our stuff; we stole it clean. We should never have let him take it from us."

Panel 2:
Joey Doves: "--so, about what happened while you were out of town."
Accardo: "It's being taken care of."

Panel 3:
[Tommy Gunn and Mickie stand over an open car trunk.]
Mickie: "Well, looks like we found Mendell."