It’s not always cops, politicians, and mobsters who are on the take working with the mob; the average Joe’s can be involved too.

The Oregonian’s police reporter received a monthly retainer of $50 from certain Chinese gambling houses to ensure that in the event of a raid names would be reported incorrectly. The sum would be left on the counter for him each month.

Every year around Christmastime, Portland mobster “Big Jim” Elkins would send a case of whiskey to the boys in the newsrooms of the Journal and Oregonian.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Floyd is tending bar when Jerry the Mouse reporter walks up.]
Floyd: "Hey Jerry, go back and help yourself to a case of anything you want."

Panel 2:
[Jerry walks out whistling with a case of liquor.]
["Barflies" are shocked.]
Red: “Are you serious!?!”

Panel 3:
[Floyd explains.]
Floyd: "We have an arrangement. Anytime we get raided here or caught in a bust, Jerry helps us by misreporting to keep our names clean."