This was actually the first comic illustrated in the sugar ban series, long before Tommy Gunn was introduced officially or the majority of the plot line was put together I sat down and illustrated this little gem. Some minor tweaks have been made to correct some of the art and for continuity sake. For instance, Frankie the Force was seen briefly in the background and Vic the Lead has replaced his spot to keep the “help” continuous from his appearance in the previous strip, “Step Into My Office.”

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Inside Leo's office at the DBM, Tommy Gunn presents his plan.]
Tommy Gunn: "Listen Leo, you gotta trust me!"
Leo the Boss: "Trust you?!? You’re a cop!"

Panel 2:
Tommy Gunn: "Exactly my point! You need me on the inside. Mickie’s getting close to figuring your operation out and I can stop that. But you gotta trust me first!"

Panel 3:
Leo the Boss: "I wouldn't trust you as far as I could throw you!"
Vic the Lead: "Let’s go pal."
Tommy Gunn: "You’re making a big mistake! When you get serious, come find me."