The Agency is the governing body of the Mafia. The Agency consists of the country of Fairview’s Four Families bosses. In it’s current context, it is made up of Rocco the Hammer (Dust Bunnies), Steel Toes (Rats), Simon ‘The Huntsman’ Cerbalus (Bugs), and Floyd the Crow (Birds). The last known Agency meeting held with all the bosses was in November, 1985.

The Agency held the power of approving a new boss before he could take over officially. The Fairview Four Families also decided that the names of all new proposed members must be approved by the other families. After the new proposed member is approved by the other families, they could become an official member.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Dino stops at Luke's Butcher Shop.]
Dino: "Wait a minute..."
[Dino gets an idea.]

Panel 2:
Dino: "What if I killed him?"
Dino: "Bah! The Agency will never go for it. Especially since both Rocco and Floyd have a grudge against me...that’s half of the group right there!"

Panel 3:
Dino: "I suppose that’s the problem with switching one trusts you any more..."
Dino: "...except those who don’t know me...yet!"