Once again we see Dino’s true colors come out. Apparently his switching sides from the Dust Bunny Mafia to the Rats was only a publicity stunt per se.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Dino's walking out of the rat headquarters.]
Dino: [thinking] "What a fool Steel Toes is! I was supposed to be the one left in charge, not that stupid muppet!"

Panel 2:
Dino: "I’ll show him and all his lousy wannabe followers! I even switched sides for him...and what did I get out of it? Nothing! It did nothing for me!"

Panel 3:
[Dino walks past Luke's Butcher Shop.]
Dino: "Now if only there was a way to take out enough of his cronies to get majority favor I could change allegiance away from Steel Toes..."