Golf has long been a pastime for the Chicago outfit. Johnny “The Fox” Torrio loved the serenity and beauty of the golf course. He did his best to instill some golf etiquette and discipline in his number two, Capone, but he could not control his game.

Al Capone and his gang ran the golf clubs in Chicago. His “group of death” would often partner with other members of the mob including, “Machine Gun” Jack McGurn, Fred “The Killer” Burke, and Jake “Greasy Thumb” Guzik, in foursome matches where the stakes were often $500 a hole.

These matches were often wild, booze-fuelled, where cheats prospered and arguments frequently spilled over into violence. Capone once accidentally shot himself in the foot by setting off a revolver in his golf bag as he rummaged for a club.

Jake Guzik, maddened by his inability to escape a bunker, ran after his caddy wielding his driver and ready to use it. Etiquette was an afterthought.