↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Mickie Potatoes and Tommy Gunn leave the butcher's shop.]
Mickie Potatoes: "...and that’s why Luke is the best!"
Tommy Gunn: "Nice of him to give us samples."

Panel 2:
[Back at police headquarters.]
Mickie Potatoes: [leaning back in his chair] "That roach meat was tasty. What’s eating you?"
Tommy Gunn: [While pacing...] "It’s that maple glaze. It tastes so natural; I haven’t tasted anything this pure since sugar was banned...it’s almost too good to be an imitation."

Panel 3:
[In the police lab...]
Tommy Gunn: "Well...?"
Mickie Potatoes: "Cancel your plans Tommy, we’ve got some bootleggers to catch!"