It appears that it’s water-based humor week here at Dust Bunny Mafia comics. Between the arrival of Guido the Tongue (a salamander) and a joke about sleeping with the fishes like Luca Brasi, I think we’ve got our bases covered.

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↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
[Leo the Boss walks past Jimmy the Nose's desk.]
Leo the Boss: "Goodnight Jimmy...Jimmy...?"

Panel 2:
[Leo the Boss walks into Benny the Bookie's office.]
Leo the Boss: "Hey Benny, where's Jimmy?"
Benny the Bookie: "He's sleeping with the fishes!"

Panel 3:
Leo the Boss: "WHAT?!?"
Benny the Bookie: "Not like that! Lucy and him are at a slumber party at Fish World."